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Campbell – Extension & Remodel – 2015 HIA Award Winning Project

WINNER - 2015 HIA Renovation / Extension Project $200,001 – $350,000 Client brief: Our clients have had the pleasure of living and raising their children in their lovely solid brick home on a beautiful large block in Campbell.   As their children grew, their family dynamic changed and over the years their home undertook a series [...]

Mawson – Remodel – 2014 MBA Award Winning Project

Client brief: Our clients approached Build Professional with the desire to remodel their home looking for extra living space, a way of accessing the cellar in the garage below and just a better design and flow that would change the network of walkways within their current home. Before the remodel our client’s living spaces consisted [...]

Reid – Extension and Remodel

Like most heritage homes this home was set on a lovely large block, however, the interior of the home was quite small and dark.   Our clients engaged our team to extend their home for their growing family and to create a new entrance, a sunroom and a large open plan and a light filled family room.  An outdoor living space that worked [...]

Hackett 2 – Extension & Remodel – 2012 HIA Award Winning Project

Hackett Remodel and Extension Some of the northern suburbs of Canberra are located in close proximity to the city centre and have been subject to something of a recent renaissance in regard to urban renewal the original house subject to this renovation is characterised by poor internal circulation flows, no real relationship from primary living [...]

Hackett – Extension & Remodel

Client brief: In October 2012, our clients approached Build Professional to discuss the opportunities to extend and refresh their family home in Hackett. With two younger children they found the need to expand their home with two new bedrooms that would grow with them into the future. They also requested a walk-in-robe and another bathroom [...]

Gleneagles – Extension & Remodel

Brief from Client: This project was designed by the client and the attention to detail in the scope of works was extremely evident. The home was built during the mid 90’s and the client felt that the home was limited, required a facelift and the addition of extra living spaces. The client’s criteria were met [...]

Chifley – Extension & Remodel – 2010 MBA Award Winning Project

Chifley Remodel and Extension Brief from Client: The brief for this Chifley project was to remodel an aged 1960s home into a large modern home built to an excellent standard with an effortless style. The design brief was to work with what the original home had to offer yet create a great open floor plan [...]

Bruce – Extension & Remodel

Client brief: Our clients consulted Build Professional to discuss the possibilities of remodelling and extending their current home. Whilst their home had served them well our client’s came to the realisation that certain areas of the home were not functioning to their full potential and they desired a better flow and use of space whilst [...]

Ainslie 2 – Extension & Remodel

Renovation Summary: The original small heritage home consisted of three bedrooms, a small living, kitchen, laundry, bathroom and a wonderful large north facing backyard. The project remodelled the original kitchen into a study and the new large extension incorporated a galley kitchen, an open plan living space bursting with warmth and light, a paved alfresco [...]

Ainslie – Extension & Remodel

Brief from Client: To completely remodel the interior and exterior and extend a small 3 bedroom 1950's fibro cottage into a new and timeless family home that complimented the surrounding homes in the suburb. The design brief was to maintain the bones of the cottage and to create what looked like a new home with [...]