Why Choose Us

Home Extensions require Specialists

There are builders and then there are home extension builders. The two are not the same.

Home extensions and remodelling projects have a unique set of challenges and every home is different. Most of our clients choose to remain living in their home while it is being renovated. It takes experience, careful planning and specialised knowledge to ensure our worksite can also continue to be a place where you can live.

This is why we have developed our own custom approach for managing home extension and remodelling projects. And it is this custom and specialised knowledge that has earned us the reputation as Canberra’s Design and Build Extension Specialist.

Our Specialised Team is Your Team

When you engage us to design and construct your home extension or remodelling project we will manage every aspect of the job from conception through to completion. The Build Professional team includes specialists in architecture, design, estimation, production, interior design, construction, project management and administration. We are a fully supported team that will manage every detail throughout your project from start to finish.

You’ll Benefit from our Expertise

The building industry is forever changing. There are always new materials, new regulations, new ways of doing things and new design trends to consider. But this isn’t something you need to worry about. With a wealth of experience and industry expertise, Build Professional will ensure that your home extension is beautifully integrated with your existing home no matter what era your house was built.

Contact us to discuss designing and building your dream project – and let’s make it a reality.

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